Hi, I'm Phil Barresi

front-end developer, coffee enthusiast, and traveling professor

What I Do

I create rapid MVPs and proof-of-concepts for early stage companies
I also do general front-end development and technical debt reduction.

Web and Mobile Development

I live and breathe web and mobile applications. Whether it's working in your current website or creating your first mobile site, I'm down.

Rapid Applications Prototyping

I take your app idea and get it up and running with future-development in mind. Need that mobile app in two weeks? Sleep is wasted time, anyways.

API Design and Project Architecture

I create, plan, and document your API with scalability in mind. You'll never need a dozen codebases for half a dozen projects again.

Technical Evangelism

Do you need support documents written for your community? Guides and tutorials to take your users from hello, world to their next big idea? I'll make sure your community never feels left behind.

Featured Project

My longest running profect is FunnelFire, a real time updating data-stream for salespeople.
FunnelFire was built on bleeding edge technology. I handled the desktop application, mobile application, and various browser and platform extensions and widgets.

About Me

My Charming Smile; be swooned by my handsomeness.

I'm a professional front-end developer with a great deal of experience in cross-platform application design. I've worked with a number of companies (both startups and well-developed) on long and short-term projects. Currently, I am exploring web accessibility and how we can make the web more approachable, as well as technology's role in educational settings.

When not programming, I am an adjunct instructor at Stevens Institute of Technology, teaching graduate Web Development.

Feel free to contact me to explore any contract or freelance needs you may have.

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My Works

Here are the highlights.

FunnelFire Web Applications

Senior Developer

For several years I built out and maintained FunnelFire's web application, which runs off of websockets and AngularJS. I acted as a full-stack developer during my time there.

I designed the websocket and REST API, which I used to put FunnelFire into many different systems such as Gmail and Chrome extensions and Salesforce.com

I dealt with many high-level concerns at FunnelFire as the company grew and had to handle hundreds of gigabytes of data a month.

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Mobile Application Consultant

Capture Is a powerful tool for outsides sales reps. Capture allows reps to have up-to-date marketing materials and presentation.

For the Capture project, I developed the Android Application using Ionic for potential future-cross platform capabilities. Capture has a sophisticated data synchronization algorithm that allows for high-speed data rendering unimpeded by downloading gigabytes of data and replacing content on the fly. I developed proprietary logging components for Capture as well that were implemented as Cordova Plugins.

Capture is an extremely stress-tested application, holding up to a battery of tests across dozens of tablets and maintains constant updates to ensure that it works across all Android systems since 4.4.

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Donated Mobile Application

The HOBY Application allows Android and iOS users to keep up to date. It runs off Cordova and is integrated with Pushwoosh.

The HOBY Application comes complete with Push Notifications that will trigger based on the user's geolocation to keep members up to date on events in their area.

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Front-End / Ruby on Rails Consultant

Factotum is an advanced report writing software for psychologists, created for the purpose of saving hundreds of hours a year from a psychologist's schedule.

I was brought on board Factotum to modernize their frontend and eliminate several critical performance issues. Over the course of several months, I made Factotum easier to use for the end-user, learned LaTeX to expand their product, and eliminated dozens of massive performance issues.

While working on Factotum, I learned Ruby on Rails to maintain and expands its backend. It is now in closed beta with a robust REST API and a blazing fast AngularJS front-end.


Open Source Library for making Workers easier to use.

Worker-to-promise (w2p) is a small library that allows you to use data computed through JavaScript workers in the form of promises.

w2p is the first of several libraries that will allow you to distribute work and retrieve results in an easy to use and familiar pattern: through the use of a promise on the caller.

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Interested in one of my services, or have something else you need built, fixed, or written up?

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